Executives today are caught in times of unprecedented change and complexity.

“During my sessions with John Muranka,
insights just pop up like a cash register!”

Thomas Martin, Joint Managing Director, Arco

Whether their focus is on bottom-line results, cost reductions, globalisation, IT or environmental issues, the pressures are immense.

Whole life issues abound.

In the midst of this, they are also expected to be proactive, not only developing their abilities, but to also recognise the importance of developing the abilities of the people around them.

To help this happen, John Muranka works with you to design a specific programme including the creating of clear goals, vision, values and clarity of purpose for you and your organisation.

John Muranka then helps you set the strategies and actions to achieve your goals.

This will involve some or all of the following:

Executive Coaching
Specially created for the company leader, the main board members and senior team members. We focus on the issues that are most important or pressing for you and the business. John Muranka brings an outside perspective to ignite your energy and stimulate insights that will move you forward.

Team Alignment
John Muranka's tailor-made sessions designed to make a group realise their full potential through improved team work and better communication.

Ongoing Support
Coaching, mentoring, challenging, inspiring, encouraging and managing the process as you develop your new positive habits to improve your performance.