John Muranka's programme is designed to make your team take a fresh look at their current thinking in order to create a new dynamic in their communication.


“With John Muranka's help, the difference in the way
we now interact as a team has been truly dramatic.”

Simon Benn, Managing Director, MBA/The Times 100

The group are encouraged to develop new thinking and explore new creative possibilities which will:

  • strongly unify your team around a common purpose

  • create a positive attitude to achieve purpose and goals

  • release real teamwork, with everyone working better together

  • identify where things don’t work and then enrol the team to do something about it

  • clarify and facilitate the flow of communication

  • develop an understanding and committed culture with more openness and support for each other

  • build mutual respect

  • save time and wasted effort in people interactions and meetings

  • facilitate the sharing of information and opportunities

  • increase staff satisfaction, commitment and loyalty

  • bring another level of enthusiasm and commitment to work

  • leave you all with a much stronger connectedness to each other

“the average team achieves only 63% of the objectives of their strategic plans”

 Harvard Business Review ‘Turning Strategy into Great Performance'