Every sporting achievement is created twice. First in the mind. And second physically.


The mind-body connection is crucial to your performance.


Michael Pensavalle,
British Superbike Rider

Being able to take control of how you think is directly related to how you will perform.

A Premier League manager said recently;
"Control of the mind is the key difference between good players and great players."

John Muranka's sports mind training is designed to:

  • remove the mental blockages which get in the way of peak performance

  • increase the ability to concentrate

  • build inner confidence

  • re-programme mental habits (e.g. when things seem to get worse the harder you try)

  • handle stress

  • create a positive mind-set

  • enhance self belief

  • build the ability to cancel negative thoughts

  • set goals and emotionally commit to them

  • maintain the positive attitude (whatever the circumstances)

  • increase the occurrence of being ‘in the zone’

This help you to:

  • be in a relaxed state – your mind is calm and your body is ready to go

  • be supremely confident – you feel that no matter what you are up against, you are going to be successful.

  • be totally absorbed in the moment – oblivious to everything around you. The game seems to fly by, and at the same time, everything you do seems to happen at a slowed - down pace allowing great precision and concentration.

  • be effortless in your actions – things just sort of happen with little or no input. You have a sense of finesse and grace, even when the competition is very gruelling and demanding.

  • be able to perform automatically – with no interference from your thoughts or emotions. You're on autopilot, reacting on instinct with little conscious thought required.

  • have fun – the enjoyment is incomparable - like a child playing in pure innocent delight.

  • be in control – you have command over your emotions – you are controlling them, not the other way round.

Having someone alongside you, helping to keep you mentally in tune, can be the difference between a good performance and a great one. By taking control of your thoughts, the whole spirit of your performance is transformed.