John Muranka's clients describe the benefits

In terms of their personal development, awareness and all-round performance, John Muranka's clients say they have found themselves and their colleagues...

...acting quicker

...having personal insights, resulting in dramatic positive shifts in behaviour

...taking more responsibility

...being pro-active rather than being re-active

...becoming more disciplined

...being more aware of themselves and their (emotional) responses

...avoiding wasted time, energy and stress

...working less stressfully, resulting in more productive contributions

...operating from a strong personal platform, creating a dynamic effect on  their performance

...becoming more positive-minded, becoming ‘sure’ and ‘certain’ in their ability

...using their instincts and natural personal power to inspire others

...being authentic

...having the desire to achieve more for themselves and the business

...experiencing quantum leaps in their performance

...being the driver of their own area of responsibility rather then being driven to tackle all challenges

...creating a can-do culture

...willingly taking ownership

...achieving huge personal fulfilment, contentment and assuredness

...seeing the world (as well as their work) differently

...experiencing personal and life improvements which reflect back into their business

...developing as a more centred individual


In their relationships, they...

...develop trust

...have stronger relationships

...turn conflict into productive learning experiences their team better

...are more confident in delegation and interaction with their team

...move from a sense of ‘being on my own/isolated’ to knowing they are an integral part and can contribute whole-heartedly

...are able to hold team members accountable

...have a positive effect on those around them


In their communication, they...

...give more input in all communication (one-to-one and in meetings)

...are able to speak more directly matters clearly and coherently

...developing advanced communication skills

...are able to listen better and be more ‘present’ (less waste)

...can give good feedback (especially praise)

...understand, predict and alter patterns of communication an increase in their openness

...think and plan more clearly

...are more focussed on what’s most important

...develop better time management


They use the coach... a sounding board someone to give non-judgemental feedback to contribute to desired   goals ensuring clear goal setting facilitate a pathway on the way to get there someone who helps them come to the answer themselves, improving their awareness and sustaining their learning a person who is totally committed to help them to keep in ‘good shape’ particularly mentally help them to see blind spots in a safe environment guide them through the blockages someone who is detached and can help them see the big picture

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