"I love seeing people surprise themselves
with what they can achieve and become.”

John Muranka’s background in business includes: leading a multi-million pound Management Buy-In; two managing directorships; an MBA and directorships of three manufacturing and service companies.


He began his company as a direct result of observing the need for high-level coaching in most businesses. His coaching skills and senior-level management experience have helped many organisations overcome the inertia that limits the performance of individuals and teams. 


“Sadly, too few businesses operate to the true capabilities of their personnel.


But, with a little help, they can.


As people become more self-aware, they recognise their true potential and learn how to overcome self-limiting beliefs. Their performance, not just in business but also in life or sport, improves immeasurably. The more they focus, the easier the ‘tough’ challenges become.


As a natural consequence they become happier and more content. Their important relationships improve and their businesses produce greater results."